Saklı Cafe & Bistro
We believe that creativity is primarily through feeling, thinking and knowing, and we implement our ideas in this direction.
We reflect our inspiration from our free and original ideas as innovative and target-oriented approaches to our projects.
Sakli Cafe continues to offer a constantly renewed menu of local and international cuisine.
Together with our unique view, we always provide the highest customer satisfaction and constantly renew ourselves by setting higher targets.
We are happy to see you and welcome you.

Our Menu

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Saklı Construction
Asyapılan Construction is a whole with its employees and values. Our primary responsibility is to act in accordance with our vision and mission, to add value to all our stakeholders and to be a respected and exemplary organization with our conduct and principles.
Our corporate values that we will have and will always observe will make a difference for our group and therefore for our employees in our environments.
The continuity of our success depends on doing our part in exalting these values in our daily work and in all decisions we make.

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Saklı Asyapılan construction for communication : 0262 454 22 30

Saklı Architecture

Architecture has been producing residential, office, mixed-use building, industrial building, hotel projects in various scales both in Turkey and abroad.

The office makes the right design decisions as a quick implementation project with the criteria such as building program, cost, qualified visual perception, related regulations, energy performance design understanding, adaptation to the built / natural environment from the preliminary project stage in the architectural design process. Especially in large-scale housing projects, the planning strategy, placement decisions and large and small scale design decisions are evaluated.

In a studio-style work environment, projects are handled at every scale that people touch from city to building. Pre-constructs the building or the environment in various scales by using 3D design programs, working models at every stage of the design.

Saklı Architecture for communication : 0262 454 22 30

Machinery Industry About Us

Therefore, production processes from raw material input to delivery are under the control of our engineers and finalized without any problems and our shipment performance is kept at the highest level.Our OHS specialist, our workplace physician, our quality system administrator, our project manager, our CAD-CAM operators, our financial affairs and analysis specialists, our international certified welders, working in heavy and dangerous jobs, working at height, occupational health and safety training and certified personnel, certified first aid and fire response teams, with experienced administrative staff, we are signing successful projects in large industrial enterprises.