About us

SAKLI Foreign Trade and Consultancy Ltd. Co., which was established with the combination of three experienced partners who have worked in Foreign Trade and Consultancy for many years, today offers complete cost and product oriented solutions to the big industrial organizations with its expert and experienced staff. This year the world’s first and only in the press, colon patented protective barrier system manufacturing company in Turkey SENTRY PRO American distributor of taking office in our country has brought huge cost and security benefits to the employer and the employee work environment. In addition, since the middle of this year, leather, cotton, polyester and Nitrile-coated study of himself in the world or have proven that MALLCO firm on gloves taking the Turkey distributorship and distributor in Turkey with the international standard, safe, sells high quality and cost effective products and marketing. 3 new distributorship that this year have taken on the job and workplace safety equipment until the end of the sürmektedir.danışmanlık about our preparations for our company is to offer to Turkey; We provide product or price based manufacturer procurement from Asian and European countries, international trade consultancy, project based import and export consultancy, overseas market research and product launch services. The most prominent purpose for our company; To provide maximum customer satisfaction with the latest technology, quality and service to the needs of the day.

Quality policy

Asyapılan Construction is a whole with its employees and values. Our primary responsibility is to act in accordance with our vision and mission, to add value to all our stakeholders and to be a respected and exemplary organization with our conduct and principles.
Our corporate values ​​that we will have and will always observe will make a difference for our group and therefore for our employees in our environments.
The continuity of our success depends on doing our part in exalting these values ​​in our daily work and in all decisions we make.