In the earthquake region of Istanbul, you may live in areas with earthquake zones. Your buildings in the areas you live in may not be old construction and earthquake resistant buildings. In this case, you may want to undergo urban transformation, but you may not know what to do. It will help you to get help from experts and professionals in the field. For this you need to get Urban transformation consultancy service. We will assist you at every stage with experts who will help you in every field. Everyone has the right to benefit from the project which is proved to be earthquake-proof as soon as possible. Municipalities carry out public information and awareness campaigns for urban transformation. Because the priority is based on the individual’s willingness to benefit from the urban transformation project. You can get urban transformation consultancy for you to live in earthquake resistant, robust and comfortable buildings.


If your building is not earthquake-resistant and you want to transform it, it firstly informs you about the current opportunities and allowance such as rent allowance or credit for your building within the scope of urban transformation. For example, if you want to subject your building to urban transformation under the law, the municipality has to cover your accommodation fee so that you do not become a victim during the demolition of the building. The counselors will also advise you on the legal process. It tells you step by step what you need to do, which institutions and organizations you should talk to. In this process, you will have your urban transformation consultant with you in every area you need. Consultants will prepare your earthquake risk report for your building.
All members of the urban transformation system are experts and professionals in their fields. They will be informative and guiding at every stage of the process in order not to victimize you. Advisors prepared the earthquake risk report T.C. They get the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization approved. In order to benefit from the urban transformation, they will be with you in the process of approving and receiving the license projects, quantity and discovery projects to the municipality during the reinforcement and construction stages of your building. They perform the necessary follow-up until the construction permit is issued. The consultants provide consultancy and supervision services to the project in addition to the construction and strengthening stages. After your building is demolished and replaced with earthquake-resistant, modern lines and buildings that benefit more from daylight, the municipality does the necessary work to get your housing deeds from your flats and they take out your deeds and deliver them to you. Urban transformation consultancy prepares all the necessary contracts within the transformation process itself. In this way, they will save you from a great burden and responsibility, without causing any wrongdoing or deficiencies and using the time carefully.
Among the works to be done as urban transformation consultancy, all the contracts you have between the owners and the construction company are valid. The urban transformation project is designed to make your living space more beautiful and comfortable. Consultants work for this by adding night to day. If you want your apartment building to benefit from the urban regeneration project, but you don’t know what to do, urban regeneration consultants will provide you with information and guide you at every stage.